What We Do:

SOMAcentral provides space for dedicated teams to create innovative technology, fostering a community of creativity and collaboration for dozens of industry leading startups.
More than just a positive work environment
SOMAcentral provides open areas for collaboration, a full network of innovative individuals, and of course all the office amenities one could want. For newer companies like OWN, Taskrabbit SOMAcentral provides the opportunity to grow and form relationships. The space gives larger start-ups, like Square and 99 Designs the support system to keep growing, cultivating an exclusive society.
Sense of community
SOMAcentral has successfully created a tight-knit community. The elite group of high caliber individuals produces a motivated environment where quality work is the norm. The community fosters confidence and support between the Start-ups enabling them to associate, network and grow with one another. This sense of camaraderie brings out the best in everyone.
Participate through the ecosystem
SOMAcentral acts as a drawing board for some, spring board for others and place of innovation for everyone. The space provides a supportive environment for young start-ups to launch and grow. For larger or more experienced start-ups SOMAcentral has the necessary tools to keep momentum going and accelerate performance. From inception to fruition the office space is designed for your company to successfully mature and thrive.
We provide office space for high-tech start ups. From smaller start-ups just launching, to larger more well known companies. SOMAcentral gives its companies more than just office space by meeting their individual needs throughout their growth phases. Our open spaces allow for creativity between companies and individuals from all over the globe.

Current and Alumni Startups
Science is a creative process and scientists are creative people who like to have fun… but scientists are not known for being flashy…
or are they?
Townsend Street
450 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 9410

SOMAcentral at Townsend is just a 3 minute walk from Caltrain, near the SF Giants’ AT&T Park. Startup teams not only have a place to conduct business, but also room to network, socialize and incubate. Get Directions
Mission Street
560 Mission Street, 13th floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

On the 13th floor of the JP Morgan building, in the heart of San Francisco, SOMAcentral is home to more than 40 startups. The space fosters camaraderie between companies while providing plenty of room for creativity and innovation. Open and private offices are designed to keep the space lively and connected while at the same time allowing for teams and individuals to focus. Get Directions
2201 Broadway, Suite 403
Oakland, CA 94612

Our newest location is in one of the most happening parts of Oakland: Uptown — Ike’s, the new Drake’s Brewing, Luka’s Taproom, the Hive, Pican, etc. And you’ll find everything you need in our space to focus on your product or service. Just two blocks up from the 19th St BART station, this is an easy commute from many parts of the Bay Area.